Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Who is looking at the moon tonight?

Who is looking at the moon tonight?

Do you ever wonder

when you look up at the sky

Who else is looking at the moon

as the night goes by?

Perhaps somewhere in a distant land,

other children like to stand

And watch the moon high in the sky

As the night goes by.

If only you could hold their hand.

Another child in a distant land.

If only you could talk a while.

Perhaps together, laugh or smile.

Could the moon be watching you?

Smiling, as the moon can do.

Looking down on distant lands

Watching children holding hands.

Children of the world unite.

Stand together just one night.

Think of others, just like you,

Many children watching too.

The world becomes a smaller place

When children of a different race

Stand together for a while

Perhaps to talk, or laugh and smile.

Watch and wonder, by and by

Who is looking at the sky?

©Brenda Williams

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