Monday, 13 November 2017

Remembrance Day.

Proud to know that the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Barrack's at Plymouth used my poem 'War Horse' at their Remembrance Service
for Horses of the First World War, on Saturday 11th November.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Only three days to go to that exciting bonfire night.  How well I remember making a guy, helping to build a bonfire, and watching those magical fireworks lighting up a dark sky! 

Here is one poem about bonfires........ but do visit my website:  www.brendawilliamspoet.co.uk for two more bonfire night poems called
'Bang! Crack!' and 'Bonfire Night'.


                     Crackle! Splutter! Sizzle!


says the bonfire

Glowing very bright

Crackle, crackle crackle

I am lighting up

the night.



says the garden fire

burning up damp leaves

Splutter, splutter, splutter

I am smoking through

 the trees.



 say the sausages

I am on the barbecue

Sizzle, sizzle sizzle

I’ve a sausage here

 for you!

© Brenda Williams 2012