Friday, 26 May 2017

World Environment Day

World Environment Day for 2017 is on 5th June.

A lovely walk along the canal revealed two Canada Geese guarding their seven babies, and then a heron, standing on the path before me, slowly rose and flew gracefully by, like a pre-historic creature from long ago.  Which reminded me of all the natural beauty of our environment.  Here are some poems to reflect on.

               Images of elephants 

Silent elephants

In the dusty Savannah

Weeping together

For the loss of their leader

Killed for her ivory tusks 


 Elephants use tusks

For lifting heavy objects,

Digging for water

And scratching for minerals

Ivory hunters sell them


©Brenda Williams
in torrents
down mountain
sides steep.
Plunging and pitching
to lakes dark and deep.
and I flood
across rivers and plains
or gurgle
through gutters
and dribble down drains.
the spirit of water
born to flow and be free
to seep from snow
and ice floe
to surge and spray as the sea.
secretly stored,
within storm clouds
to drizzle, or drench
you with rain,
then trickle and travel below ground
to filter and freshen again.
the thirst of all creatures
It is I
who keeps plants alive.
I am the world’s greatest life source
without me
it couldn’t survive.
So please,
don’t waste or pollute me
as I nurture and nourish
earth’s crust.
For I ask you to try to imagine
a world that is covered
in dust.
©Brenda Williams