Tuesday, 5 December 2017

An ideal poem for small children, which will help to encourage their listening skills.
Listen Very Carefully…..!

Listen very carefully….Can you hear a noise?

It’s the chattering of teddy bears and other little toys.

They are travelling together to very snowy lands.

There’s a monkey and a panda, and a dragon, holding hands.

There’s a rabbit on a scooter, and rocket that can fly

They are travelling on moonbeams, high up in the sky.

There’s a robot on a tricycle, and an elephant in a car

They are travelling together, and I think they will go far.

Where are they going?  Would you like to know?

Listen very carefully…. while I whisper soft and low,

They are travelling to Lapland for a very special day

Where little elves will wrap them up and put them on a sleigh.’

Listen very carefully….to a sound that makes you tingle.

It’s the stamping of a reindeer’s hoof and little bells that jingle.

Soon the toys are travelling, travelling far away

Wrapped  in pretty boxes for a special kind of day.

                  Children everywhere are sleeping, in the magic of this night

Dreaming of the morning and waking in the light.


    Listen very carefully…..

Can you hear a noise?

Could that be Father Christmas, delivering the toys?

                                                                              © Brenda Williams

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