Thursday, 2 November 2017

Only three days to go to that exciting bonfire night.  How well I remember making a guy, helping to build a bonfire, and watching those magical fireworks lighting up a dark sky! 

Here is one poem about bonfires........ but do visit my website:  www.brendawilliamspoet.co.uk for two more bonfire night poems called
'Bang! Crack!' and 'Bonfire Night'.


                     Crackle! Splutter! Sizzle!


says the bonfire

Glowing very bright

Crackle, crackle crackle

I am lighting up

the night.



says the garden fire

burning up damp leaves

Splutter, splutter, splutter

I am smoking through

 the trees.



 say the sausages

I am on the barbecue

Sizzle, sizzle sizzle

I’ve a sausage here

 for you!

© Brenda Williams 2012













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