Friday, 30 June 2017

Mysterious Moon

I have no excuse for including this poem, except that it is one of my poems which I really love.

Mysterious Moon

Each day,

a sleeping beauty

You hide away

and rest.

But now when dusk descends

and birds go silent in their nest,

You in your silver chariot,

Rise to ride the inky blackness that is space


Kissed by sunlight, show the brilliance of your face.


Each night

a lighthouse on the sea,

You light the way

and show

Your fragile secret shadows

on the drowsing earth below.


You, with stars in shimmering parade

Flood the world with wonder at the mystery you seem,


People tell you secrets and whisper all their dreams.


Each month

You tug the tides each way

 until from curving crescent

on the wane

You fill the stage of heaven

as you reach full moon again.


You, with your watchful, silent gaze

Have circled earth since it began


Are the only other planet who has known the tread of man.


                                      ©Brenda Williams




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