Saturday, 3 September 2016

Autumn term.  A time for new beginnings, first time at school, new classes.  New school uniforms, or freshly pressed ones.  Holiday hair cut and shiny.
In all the excitement, the teddy of one new beginner is temporarily forgotten.......
Back to School 

I’m a teddy, just dropped here

As school begins another year.

I watch the children, run and meet

In the playground, near the street.

So many children, having fun

Smiling, chatting, everyone.

I stand and tiptoe, creep, creep, creep

And through the window take a peep.

I watch the children, through the day.

I hear them laugh and see them play.

But when at last, the day is done

and children start their homeward run

I see the child who loves me best.

I pick her out from all the rest.

She lifts me up, so I can see

The picture she has drawn of


©Brenda Williams





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