Monday, 21 March 2016

Spring arrives today.

It's the first day of Spring today and the sun is shining!  Here is my poem for today, but you can find more Spring poems on my main website.  See heading above.

Time for Spring

Something is happening.

Something’s going on.

I can sense it in the farm yard,

I can feel it in the sun.

I can hear it in the newborn lambs

Bleating in the rain.

I can see it in the daffodils

Dancing once again.


Something is happening.

There are buds upon the trees.

And when I’m in the garden

I can hear the buzz of bees.


I can catch the billowing blossom

As it blows towards my hand.

I can see the new crops growing

All across the farmer’s land.


Something is happening.

Birds know this when they sing

They tell us winter’s over.

And now its time for Spring!


©Brenda Williams

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